Current Members
Anderson Valley Art Guild
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Deanna Thomas
    Painting - oils
       Monotypes/prints, Book Arts
    Email 707-489-3315
    Studio visits by appt.
    Plein-air oils, studio abstractions,
    collage, prints and artist books.  
Rachel Lahn
    Painting - watercolors, mixed media
    Prints - giclee,laser
     Website    Email     707 895-2006
    Studio visits by appt.
    Dimensional constructions,
    watercolors, mixed media paintings,
    giclee and laser prints in my studio
    in the redwoods.
William Allen & Nancy MacLeod
    Painting - acrylics
    Folk Art Fantasy furniture and
Deanna Apfel
    Art quilts using a variety of
    techniques, fabrics and  inspirations
Doug Johnson
    Website    Email     707 895-3640
    Studio visits by appt.
    Crystalline glazed and wood fired
    salt glazed ceramics.
Rebecca Johnson
    Sculpture - stone, bronze
    Painting - acrylics
    Website    Email     707 937-3602
    Studio visits by appt.
    Sculpture garden and painting
    gallery.  Appointments by request.
Xenia King
    Painting - oils & acrylics
    Photo-montage & Oil Pastels

    Abstract paintings in oils and
    acrylics, photo-montage prints and
    some oil pastels
Yoriko Kishimoto
    Painting - oils, watercolors
    Email     650 644-5084
    Studio visits by appt.
    Landscape and nature, Oil and
    watercolor vignettes.  
Judy Nelson
     Email       707 489-4108

    Lampwork bead jewelry and tiny
Colleen Schenck
    Jewelry, sculpture - metal, collage
    Email     707-895-3053
    Studio visits by appt.
    One of a kind jewelry & small-scale
    sculptures combining metalworking
    skill with historical and archetypal
    forms. Collage work utilizing
    beautiful papers and patterns.
Marvin Schenck
    Painting - acrylics
    Email     707-895-3053
    Studio visits by appt.
    Post Impressionist landscapes of
    Anderson Valley and Mendocino
    County from inland to the coast.

Susan Spencer & Michael Wilson
    Painting - watercolors
     Website    Email     707 813-7615
    Studio visits by appt.
    The Beat Gallery: Watercolors and
    Art Assemblage; "Common
    Objects" made into unique
    representational art forms
Antoinette Van Grone
    Painting - oils
    Whimsical and serious fine art
    paintings and portraits.
Jan Wax & Chris Bing
    Pottery - porcelain, stoneware
    Website     Email    707 895-2717
    Studio visits by appt.
    Porcelain and stoneware art
    pottery by an award winning
    sculptor and potter.
Laura Diamondstone
    Painting - oils, pigments
    Drawing - mixed media
    Paintings, Figurative drawings,
    mixed and up cycled media/materials.
Jimmy Humble
    Painting - acrylics
    Landscapes of Anderson Valley and
    other scenes of home.
Charlie Hochberg
    Photography, digital imagery
    Current work is mostly digital
Steve Wood
    Drawings, Photography, Models
    Architectural models, drawings
    and photographs.